Relationship of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in oysters, water and sediment, and bacteriological and environmental indices.




Thompson, C.A.
Vanderzant, C.

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Of 153 samples of oysters, water and sediment tested from the Galveston Bay system, 94 (61.4%) were positive for V. parahaemolyticus. In 87% of the positive oyster samples the level of V. parahaemolyticus was <100 per g. Standard Plant Counts of oysters ranged from 5.0 x 10 exp 3 to >3.0 x 10 exp 7 (mean 2.5 x 10 exp 6) per g, Aerobic Plate Counts from 3.0 x 10 exp 3 to >3.0 x 10 exp 7 (mean 1.8 x 10 exp 6) per g. No seasonal distribution of V. parahaemolyticus was apparent. No statistically significant relationship existed between V. parahaemolyticus count of oysters and bacteriological (Standard Plate Count, Aerobic Plate Count, coliform, fecal coliform and E. coli counts) and environmental parameters (water temperature, salinity, Ph, dissolved oxygen, sampling depth, tide, wind and rainfall).


p. 117-122.


microbiology, Vibrio parahaemolyticus, oysters, water analysis, sediment analysis, Escherichia coli, bacteria