Climate Change and Ocean Processes: What are the consequences?: summary paper from January 1990 symposium




Sharp, Gary D.

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Texas Institute of Oceanography


This publication is a summary paper from a January 1990 Symposium. The topics covered include: Climate Change and Ocean Processes: What are the consequences, summary paper on the 1990 Symposium, Abstracts from the January 1990 Symposium: Consequences of Climate Change, an Introduction, Reading the Historical Record, Modeling patterns and process/forecasting future climate, and Climate Change Symposium Biographical sketches....The last twenty-four months of the 1980s marked rapid, almost rabid, interest in changes in the environment of the planet earth by at least by it's human inhabitants. With mass dolphin die-offs, medical waste, record coastal sea surface temperatures, discovery of depletion in the Antarctic ozone layer came dire predictions of Global Climatic Change. Of course climate is always changing, but now some were predicting serious, possibly irreversible consequences. Except for a few soothsayers, there was very little discussion of these consequences other than they just had to be bad! Most of the predictions, in the media at least, were atmospheric with little consideration of the role of the oceans except that they were going to rise. Of course that latter prediction is one of major interest to coastal states in general and Galveston, Houston, and the rest of the cities on the Gulf of Mexico, in particular. The dawning of a new decade, the 1990's, and the birth of a new ocean oriented research institution, the Texas Institute of Oceanography, seemed proper stimuli to convene a conference which would place some focus on Climate Change, the role of the oceans in that change, and finally, the consequences.


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congresses, proceedings, conferences, meetings, symposiums, climatic changes, ocean atmosphere interaction, paleoclimatology