Current Status of Dermo Disease in Oysters of the Galveston Bay System




Ray, Sammy M., Thomas M. Soniat, Enrique U. Kortright, and Lance Robinson

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Galveston Bay Estuary Program


Dermo disease levels are monitored at approximately monthly intervals for six public reefs (Fisher's, April Fool, Red Fish, Hannah's, Frenchy's and Confederate) and three private oyster leases (415, 403 and 301). The results of the disease assessments are presented on the Dermo Watch web site . This site provides the following data: water temperature and salinity (at time of oyster sample collection) oyster length (height) and disease incidence and intensity. These data are integrated into a model to estimate time (days) for disease to reach critical level (Tcrit) provided water temperature and salinity remain the same as that observed at the time of oyster sample collection. The web site also provides archived historical data (currently available since December 1998) for the nine GB study sites.


pg. 157


water quality, habitat, ecology, watershed management, dermo disease, oysters, galveston bay, perkinsus marinus, salinity, temperature, fisher's reef, april fool reef, red fish reef, hannah's reef, frenchy's reef, confederate reef