Galveston Bay Freshwater inflows study trans-Texas water Program - Southeast Area




Villalon, Augusto, Jeff Taylor, and Thomas C. Gooch

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Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission


The State of Texas has studied the health and productivity of Galveston Bay for several years. This work has recently resulted in recommended freshwater inflow targets necessary to achieve maximum fisheries productivity within the bay. With these targets established, the next logical question is how does the future freshwater inflows projection compare to the determined target inflows? A water availability model was developed to determine the relationship of current and future water right diversions on freshwater inflows into Galveston Bay. The model simulates river basin/reservoir systems under the Texas priority-based water rights allocation system. The Galveston Bay water availability model contains two river basins, three coastal basins and multiple surface water reservoirs. Freshwater inflows into Galveston Bay are estimated under different water usage scenarios. This paper discusses the results of the comparison of projected future inflows into Galveston Bay to the recommended State of Texas freshwater inflow targets.


pg. 151


freshwater inflow, fisheries, biological production, water management, modeling, simulation