Superfund: Focusing on the Nation at Large



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United States Environmental Protection Agency


This National Overview volume - Superfund: Focusing on the Nation at Large - features the following structure. Section 1 describes the nature of the hazardous waste problem nationwide. Section 2 briefly describes threats and contaminants at NPL sites, and teh effects they have on human health and the environment. Section 3 describes the vital roles of various participants in the hazardous waste cleanup process. Section 4 describes the Superfund program's successes in cleaning up the Nation's worst hazardous waste sites, and provides a clear discussion of progress as measured by specific environmental indicators. The National Progress Report in the back of this National Overview summarizes the status of cleanup activities at each NPL site at the time this report was prepared. Sites are listed alphabetically by State. Each arrow shows the most advanced phase of the cleanup process that is complete or currently underway.


102 pages; available for download at the link below.


Superfund sites, hazardous waste site remediation, environmental protection