A field study of circulation and transport in the Houston Ship Channel




Ward, G.H.

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E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, Inc.


This report is the second of three which make up the Houston Ship Channel Study. The principal objective of this project was to study the circulation in the Houston Ship Channel under hydrographic conditions typical of late summer, viz. low freshwater inflows sustained sufficiently long to have established a tidal-mean steady state. This investigation was concerned with the reach of the Houston Ship Channel between Morgans Point and the confluence of the San Jacinto. This reach differs from that above the San Jacinto confluence in being considerably larger in bank - to - bank width and in the existence of numerous lateral bays and lagoons. Relatively few effluent discharges are located within this reach and those few that do exist have their outfalls located within the lateral bays rather than directly into the Ship Channel.


155 pgs.


navigational channels, circulation, transport