Strategic petroleum reserve: annual/quarterly report.




U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Petroleum Reserve

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Department of Energy.


In August 1986 the President reaffirmed the Administration's strong support for development of a 750 million-barrel Strategic Petroleum Reserve and committed the Administration to filling the Reserve throughout fiscal year 1987. During 1986, a number of bills related to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve were enacted. As of December 31, 1986, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve crude oil inventory was 511.6 million barrels of crude oil, an increase of 18.3 million barrels over the 1985 year end inventory of 493.3 million barrels. The Strategic Petroleum Reserve was filled at an average fill rate of 51,430 barrels per day during 1986. During the calendar year 1986, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve increased its crude oil storage capability from 509.4 million barrels to 550.7 million barrels, adding approximately 27.4 million barrels of new storage capacity at the Bryan Mound storage site and 13.9 million barrels at the West Hackberry storage site. As required by the Energy Policy and Conservation Amendments Act of 1985, enacted July 2, 1985, the Department of Energy conducted a test sale of Strategic Petroleum Reserve crude oil between November 18, 1985, and January 31, 1986, to test the Strategic Petroleum Reserve's drawdown and distribution capabilities. In addition to the test sale, three subsequent tests of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve's physical drawdown capabilities were conducted. Substantial progress was made in distribution enhancement program during 1986, with the construction of a 46-mile oil distribution pipeline from Bryan Mound to the ARCO common carrier pipeline system at Texas City, TX.


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