Inventory of migrant species.




McMahan, C.A.

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Complete waterfowl inventories were flown in October and November 1965 covering the waterfowl range along the Texas coast. In December, an inventory of the lower Texas coast was conducted, but inclement weather prevented a survey of the upper coast. In January, a survey was made of the upper coast, but no survey was made along the lower coast, due to inclement weather. Surface water and habitat conditions along the Gulf Coast were especially good during the 1965-1966 wintering season. Except for redheads, a comparison of waterfowl population numbers between the winter of 1964 and the winter of 1965 is not possibly due to incomplete coverage of the Texas coast in 1965 and 1966. The concentration of redheads along the lower Texas coast was estimated to be 316,458 or 227,422 less than the 543,880 noted in December 1964.


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migratory species, abundance, ecological distribution, redhead ducks, inventories, aquatic birds