Comparison of Calculated and Whole Effluent Toxicity of Toxic Materials to the Galveston Bay System

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University of Texas at Austin

The purpose of this study was to determine the toxicity of permitted toxic materials in the effluents discharging to the Galveston Bay system. The primary emphasis was the comparison of calculated and whole effluent toxicity (in toxic units) based on the biomonitoring and self-reporting data of each industrial discharger provided by Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission. Five industrial dischargers selected for the calculated were: Shell Oil Co-Houston, Arco Chemical Company, Mobay Chemical Corporation, Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority, and Rohm & Haas Texas Inc.. The effects causing toxicity other than from reported toxic materials were analyzed. The results of this study may potentially help dischargers to upgrade their treatment facilities in order to reduce toxic materials and improve water quality in the effluents.

113 pages
toxic waste, effluent toxicity, hazardous waste disposal, water quality, water pollution