Plan of action: the Trinity River Public Involvement Program.




Pugh, D.L.
Corich, C.B.

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


A comprehensive planning document sets forth the approach and procedures for achieving an active and viable program of public involvement in the planning process for the development of the Corps of Engineers Trinity River Project, Texas. The planning area includes an entire river basin and will address flood control, navigation, water supply, recreation, and fish and wildlife, as well as environmental enhancement and other topics. The Plan of Action deliniates the several alternatives availiable for : (1) the deliniation of the planning area, (2) delineation and composition of citizens assistance groups, and (3) administration selection of the appropriate alternative for each activity listed is explained and the selections are describe fully along with the rationale which supports them. There is also a discussion of the evaluation methods to be used and a system for providing public opinion position statement for each major issue.


54 p.


water use, water resources, flood control, recreation, conservation