Industrial Waste Pollution and Gulf Coast Estuaries




Hann RWJ

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The status of gulf coast estuaries is explored with regard to degradation of water quality from a variety of sources and mechanisms, emphasizing industrial waste effluents. The typical features of gulf coast estuaries, particularly the limited tidal action, the presence of bays behind barrier islands, and in many cases, limited flushing, are outlined. Environmental modification as differentiated from environmental pollution is presented and examples of the impact of each on Texas gulf coast estuaries is discussed. A hierarchy of water quality problems is presented and used to document the principal water quality problems in seven selected Texas estuaries. The causes of the degradation which lowers water quality in these seven estuaries are listed with emphasis on waste-generating industries. The Houston ship channel is used as a case study to outline the potential solutions to each of the individual water quality problems. A plea is voiced for the consideration of novel or innovative solutions to water quality problems such as the concept of supplemental aeration which is proposed for the Houston ship channel. (Sinha-OEIS)




Aeration, Bays, Case Studies, effluents, Estuaries, Gulf of Mexico, Houston, Houston Ship Channel, Industrial wastes, Industrialization, SW 0890 Estuaries, SW 3070 Water quality control, Texas, Waste Disposal, Water quality