Environmental Expenditures of the United States Petroleum Industry 1966-1972



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American Petroleum Institute


Since 1966 the American Petroleum Institute Committee on Environmental Affairs has solicited environmental protection expenditure information from the Petroleum Industry. The initial survey was completed in 1968 and the report for this survey included the actual expenditures for 1966 and 1967. A report (API Publication No. 4705) was released in February 1971 listing expenditures for 1966 through 1969. In the current report, the Petroleum Industry's environmental expenditures for the period 1966 to 1972 have been tabulated. Since the general format of the questionnaires used in all three surveys were similar, it was possible to compare expenditures for each of the seven (7) years. The capital, operating and maintenance, administrative, and research and development expenditures have been identified in the tabulations of this report. It will be noted that the expenditures in the land and other category were reported only for the years 1970 through 1972. As in the case of previous surveys, the members of the National Petroleum Refiners Association participated with the American Petroleum Institute in this survey. The corporate offices of more than eighty (80) companies completed survey questionnaires for inclusion in the tabulations of the report. Computer output showing the data in detailed tabular form appears in Appendix I. The total expenditure over the seven year period 1966 through 1972 will exceed 4.4 billion dollars.


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petroleum industry environmental expenditures, environmental clean-up costs, environmental protection costs