Present status of spoil disposal areas along the Houston Ship Channel.




Farmer, J.

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Texas A&M University.


If the dredging rate in the Houston Ship Channel remains constant, the ultimate capacity of the existing spoil areas will be reached in approximately 26.4 years. This is figuring maintenance of existing channel width and depth, not any improvements, which are badly needed now. If the Port of Houston is to maintain its ranking among U.S. ports, the channel will have to be widened and deepened to be able to safely accommodate the larger ships now being built. It is obvious that plans for additional spoil capacity for the Houston Ship Channel have to be made. Since land suitable for this purpose is practically unobtainable, the next alternative seems to be a major program for the rehabilitation of the existing areas. The evaluation of the enclosure dikes in many of the areas has reached the maximum possible, the only solution left is to remove as much of the deposited material as possible in order to regain the needed capacity for dredge spills.


p. 88-89.


dredging, dredge spoil, waste disposal