Detection and Measurement of Pollution in Corpus Christi Harbor - Pollution Abatement in Region V


There are eight industries using water from Corpus Christi Harbor either as a coolant for industrial equipment or as a disposal area for process waste. This disposal of effluent keeps the perimeter of the harbor contaminated constantly. A shifting of the pollution load by tidal exchange dilutes toxic components and thus, together with self-purification, renders the harbor channel relatively free of pollution. The largest contribution to pollution in Corpus Christi Harbor is from ships losing oil while entering and leaving the harbor, or from line breaks or leaks while loading ships. Corpus Christi Harbor is not classified as an area of biologic importance. With the industrial boom and increased traffic in the area, it is almost impossible to eliminate pollution. The ultimate aim is to keep pollution at a minimum and retain it within the harbor. It is evident from all samples at Station 9 that the pollution load is either retained within the harbor or is diluted to the extent of rendering it non-toxic before emptying into Corpus Christi Bay.


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Corpus Christi Harbor, industrial waste, water pollution