Final environmental impact statement: to construct a deepwater channel and multipurpose terminal near Brownsville in Cameron County, Texas




U.S. Army Engineer District, Galveston, Corps of Engineers

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


The Brownsville Navigation District has applied for Department of Army permits for the construction of a deepwater port project which would involve deepening and widening the existing ship cannel into the Port of Brownsville to accommodate design vessels of 110,000 DWT and 44,000 DWT in various portions of the ship channel. Proposed multipurpose docks at a deepwater turning basin would provide liquid and dry-bulk offloading capabilities. Onshore support facilities would include a crude oil tank farm, dry bulk terminal, support facilities, and tow transportation corridors. This final Environmental Impact assesses engineering, environmental, and socioeconomic effects expected from various practical alternative actions. An alternatives evaluation leads to the selection of a preferred project alternatives. Discussions of reducing detrimental impacts including mitigative measures, are also presented in the analysis.


600 pgs.


dredging, environmental aspects, environmental impacts, marine terminals, marine construction, ports, harbors, environmental impact statements, navigation, dredging spoil