Gulf of Mexico program: guidance for issue committee rankings of 1995 projects preproposals: living aquatic resources




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U.S. Gulf of Mexico Program Office


We propose the following tasks. Task 1: Conduct a literature search of studies of Gulf of Mexico salt marsh and mangrove ecosystems. A brief critique of these studies will be written focusing on duration of each study, methods used, data gathered, and the appropriateness of conclusions drawn. Once all studies have been evaluated a listing of important gaps in scientific knowledge (gaps in data existence or quality) will be compiled. In a report document the studies considered by the literature review will be divided into categories as to their potential usefulness in defining the status of the problem in Gulf of Mexico systems. A meeting will be held on the MSU campus to which scientists with expertise in the field will be invited. Some of the travel funds budgeted for this task are to cover the expenses of the invited scientists. The experts will review the findings of the report and suggest revisions if necessary. This task as we have defined it, includes both tasks 1 and 2 as outlined on page 134 (Chapter 2) of the Requests for Preproposals Document. This task will require 1.5 years to compete and will begin second quarter 1995. Task 2: In addition to a written report produced in Task 2, the projects identified will be listed by reference and location of at least one copy (for gray literature) on the GOM Bulletin Board. As part of task 2, new studies, as they are completed and submitted to agencies or published in journals will be added to this Bulletin Board listing. Our part of Task 2 will be the initial listing and posting of this to the bulletin board ad updating the listing for a period of 1 year. This task will, thus, occur over a 12 month period following the completion of task 1. It is anticipated that the GOM Bulletin Board personnel or other staff will take over this function for future years


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marine ecology, environmental protection, coastal zone management