Beneficial uses of dredged material: proceedings of the Gulf Coast Regional Workshop, 26-28 April 1988, Galveston, Texas




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U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station


This Gulf Coast Regional Workshop on the Beneficial Uses of Dredged Material was the fourth workshop on the subject. Its primary objective, as reflected in these proceedings, was to direct attention to the wide range of beneficial uses of dredged materials along the Gulf Coast, with special emphasis placed on beach nourishment, land stabilization, habitat development case studies, and innovative uses and concepts. First day presentations focus on a Federal agency viewpoints panel; a State and local agency viewpoints panel; and Technical Session I, with papers on beach nourishment and land stabilization. Second day presentations are from Technical Session II, discussing case studies in the area of habitat development; Technical Session III, on innovative uses and concepts; and a Federal, State and industry panel presenting conclusions and observations that focused on the need for communication and cooperation among all those involved in public interest determinations concerning dredged material placement, on the wide variety of beneficial uses available for consideration, and on the rapidly advancing technical status of beach nourishment, land stabilization, habitat development and innovative concepts.


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Dredging, dredge spoil, Shore protection, Beach nourishment, Coastal zone management, coastal zone, habitat improvement, reclamation of land, congresses, conference, meeting, soil stabilization, environmental aspects, dredging soil