Coastal Hydrographic and Meteorological Study




Martinez, A.Rudy

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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department


Rainfall, river runoff, tide, salinity, water temperature, siltation and habitat modifications were measured in each Texas bay area, including Galveston Bay. This study was characterized by near average salinities, a normal amount of rainfall, and no extremes such as freezes or hurricanes. Water temperatures followed normal seasonal trends. High tides resulting from the autumnal equinox were experienced in September. Nursery area surveys indicated approximately 364 acres were lost in the Aransas Bay area due to dredging operations. In the Corpus Christi, Upper Laguna Madre, and Lower Laguna Madre areas combined 113 acres of nursery grounds were destroyed. Silt monitoring stations showed some erosion of bay bottoms and in some areas rapid siltation. In the Upper Laguna Madre there was vertical filling of 16.5 inches near Padre Island, while the western part had negligible accumulations of silt.


pages 169-211; available for download at the link below.


hydrography, meteorology, hydrographic data, meteorological data, rainfall, runoff, tides, salinity, water temperature, nursery grounds