Construction of Artificial Reefs in the Upper Laguna Madre - Developmental Activities in Region V


Objectives: The objectives of this job was to provide an improved fisheries habitat in the upper Laguna Madre in the form of artificial reefs. Small trial reefs were constructed on the locations of the present reefs in March 1961 when five cubic yards of oyster shell were deposited and spread on each location. Each of these trial reefs was seeded with commercial oysters. While these oysters died in the summer of 1961, the shell on the trial reefs provided cultch for a new crop of oysters which appeared naturally in the spring of 1962. Additional sampling of the trial reefs showed that small fish and stone crabs had moved onto the reefs. On the basis of these sucessful trials, enlargement of these reefs was recommended.


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artificial reefs, upper Laguna Madre, artificial oyster reefs, oyster reefs