Marine bioinvasions: proceedings of the first national conference: January 24-27, 1999




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MIT Sea Grant College Program, MIT SG Center for Coastal Resources, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


As recently as twenty years ago, only a handful of experts were discussing marine bioinvasions or expressing concern about impacts of nonindigenous species on ocean communities of ecosystems. That situation changed around the world with the appearance in the 1980s of the Eurasian zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) in the Great Lakes (U.S. and Canada), the American comb jellyfish (Mnemiopsis leidyi) in the Black Sea and Japanese dinoflagellates in southern Australia. The resultant ecological and economic impacts ushered in a new era of awareness. National legislation (the National Aquatic Nuisance Species Prevention and Control Act of 1990) was passed and called for action to prevent new invasions. Funding supported new research initiatives and managers explored options for preventing new invasions, especially through ballast water introductions. Scientists, managers and industry representatives began to meet annually to share information, identify ways to manage and control invasive species, and describe technologies designed to prevent future introductions. With the reauthorization of nonindigenous species legislation (Nonindigenous Species Act of 1996) greater emphasis was paced on marine invasions. The conference on which this volume is based grew from a perceived need by a steering committee to convene a national meeting for those studying marine invasions to share insights into the science of invasion ecology and into managing what is a growing worldwide problem. The first National Conference on Marine Bioinvasions was held January 24-27, 1999 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA and attracted approximately 250 national and international participants. The purpose was to bring together scientists, students, and managers to examine patterns of marine bioinvasions, ecological and evolutionary consequences, and ballast water management. This volume, Marine Bioinvasions: Proceedings of a Conference, consists of many of the papers presented at the conference. It covers new and ongoing research, work in progress, current status of management options, and recommendations for new approaches to prevent and better manage biological invasions. Each submitted paper was subjected to peer review by at least two external reviewers and revised by the authors. Over half of the presented submitted papers; abstracts of the remaining presentations have been included to provide a comprehensive view of the subject matter of the conference.


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biological invasions, cogresses, conferences, meetings, nonindigenous aquatic pests, invasive species, discharge of ballast water, management