A field investigation of Rollover Fish Pass, Bolivar Peninsula, Texas




Prather, S.H.
Sorensen, R.M.

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Texas A&M University, Coastal and Ocean Engineering Division


A field study of Rollover Fish Pass, an artificial tidal inlet connecting Galveston East Bay, Texas, with the Gulf of Mexico, was conducted. The objectives of this study were, (1) to evaluate the flow and stability characteristics of the inlet, (2) to investigate the propagation of the tidal wave through the connected bay system, and (3) to evaluate the effect of the inlet on tidal fluctuations and flushing of East Bay. Field work included hydrographic surveys of the inlet and adjacent Gulf beaches, collection and analysis of sediment samples from the inlet and beaches, measurement of tidal fluctuations at selected locations in East Bay, and current measurements in the inlet. Tidal data from the Gulf, provided by the Galveston District, Corps of Engineers, were analyzed along with the field data.


126 p.


coastal inlets, tidal waves, tidal cycles, sediment samples, flushing, current measurement, hydrographic surveys