A study of the effect of oil field brine effluents on biotic communities in Texas estuaries.




Mackin, J.G.

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Texas A&M University Research Foundation.


Studies of the effect of brine discharges from oil fields in six areas in Texas bays and estuaries show that there is a small local effect at the Fisher's Reef Field, The Trinity Bay Field, in Cow Bayou, where the brine discharge from the Friendswood field is located, and in Menefee Lake 1, discharge site of the West Ranch Field. This effect was found in the bottom fauna only; plankton and nekton being unaffected anywhere. The Magnolia Beach Keller's Bay Olivia Field discharges had no effect anywhere, and no effect was found in Alazan-Baffin Bay. Analysis of populations and of species shows that outside of the local effect all areas studied have normal communities of benthos, nekton, and plankton.


226 p.


estuaries, environmental impact, brines, oil and gas production, benthos, marine organisms, population density, nekton, plankton