Trinity River Bottom Sediment Reconnaissance Study. Phase I. Plan of work. Final report.




Qasim, S.R.
Sorgee, V.H.
Armstrong, A.T.

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University of Texas.


Phase I Trinity River Bottom Sediment Reconnaissance Study was conducted to develop a plan of work in order to determine the physical and chemical quality of the bottom sediments in the Trinity River. This plan includes selection of sampling sites that represented the following: typical land use, point and nonpoint source discharges, velocity profiles and sediment transport, suitable landmarks, geologic formations, existing USGS gauging stations, existing TWQB sediment monitoring stations and accessibility. Chemical analyses were conducted in the laboratory on filtered and unfiltered river water, filtered and unfiltered elutriates using river water, and bottom sediment. Findings are included in the accompanying volume of appendices, charts, formulas, diagrams, and tables relating to Final report, Trinity River Bottom Sediment Reconnaissance Study, Phase I Plan of work.


107 p.


sediments, sediment analysis, water analysis, water pollution, Daphnia magna, water quality