Spatial and temporal variation in lead and cadmium in the laughing gull, Larus atricilla




Reid M
Hacker CS

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Lead and cadmium concentrations were measured in eggs and in bone, kidney, liver and stomach contents fo downy young, prefledgling, and adult Laughing Gulls collected from Matagorda Bay and Galveston Bay, Texas. Matagorda Bay drains a rural, moderately industrialized region while the Galveston Bay area is heavily urbanized and industrialized. Lead levels were lower in birds from Matagorda Bay and decreased in birds from Galveston Bay between 1977 and 1980. Cadmium levels were also lower in birds from Matagorda Bay but increased over the three-year period in those from Galveston Bay. The temporal decrease in lead may be associated with such environmental control efforts as reduced point source emissions and substitution of unleaded gasoline




ASW,Matagorda Bay, ASW,Galveston Bay, Birds, bone, bones, Cadmium, Eggs, Galveston Bay, Gulls, Heavy metals, kidney, kidneys, Larus atricilla, Laughing gull, Lead, levels, liver, O 4020 POLLUTION - ORGANISMS, Pollution monitoring, Public health, Q1 01503 Characteristics,behavior and fate, stomach, stomach content, Texas, USA, USA,Texas,Matagorda Bay, USA,Texas,Galveston Bay, X 24163 Metabolism