Abundance and distribution of fishes in the Galveston Bay system, 1963-1964




Sheridan, Peter F.

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The fish fauna inhabiting the Galveston Bay estuarine system was studied from January 1963 through December 1964. Ninety-six species and 364,815 individuals were collected by trawl. Dominant in the system was Micropogonias undulatus (51.2% by number, 36.5% by wet weight). Other numerically important fishes were: Anchoa mitchilli , 22.3%; Stellifer lanceolatus , 8.0%; Leiostomus xanthurus , 4.1%; Cynoscion arenarius , 3.3%; and Arius felis , 2.4. In terms of biomass, other important species were: L. xanthurus , 9.1%; Mugil cephalus , 7.6%; S. lanceolatus , 6.5%; A. felis , 5.7%; and C. arenarius , 5.0%. Fishes were most abundant in the upper estuary, while the number of species recorded was highest in the shallow Gulf of Mexico just offshore from the estuary


pages 143-163


abundance, Anchoa mitchilli, Arius felis, ASW,Galveston Bay, biomass, check lists, Cynoscion arenarius, Distribution, estuaries, fish, Fishery surveys, Galveston Bay, Gulf of Mexico, Micropogonias undulatus, Mugil cephalus, Pisces, Population number, Q1 01602 Surveying and prospecting, USA