Bioaccumulation of Lead and Cadmium in the Royal Tern and Sandwich Tern




Hacker CS
Maedgen JL
Schroder GD
Weir FW

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Lead and cadmium concentrations were measured in eggs and tissues of downy young, prefledgling, and adult Royal (Thalasseus maximus ) and Sandwich Terns (T. sandvicensis ) collected from Galveston Bay, Texas. These species do not differ significantly in the amount of heavy metals they accumulate; however, they differed from other species of the same trophic level from Galveston Bay in degree and pattern of temporal accumulations of these metals. Lead levels were lower in terns, but cadmium levels in adult terns were higher than those of other species. The prefledglings of other species at this trophic level have lead and cadmium concentrations which are similar to those found in adults. In contrast, the concentrations of the metals in adult terns are markedly higher than those found in prefledgling terns. This suggests that accumulation of metals continues as the birds age




Accumulation, age, bioaccumulation, Birds, Cadmium, D 04803 Pollution effects, developmental stages, DO, Eggs, Galveston Bay, Heavy metals, Lead, levels, Marine pollution, Metals, O 4020 POLLUTION - ORGANISMS, pollution effects, Public health, Q1 01504 Effects on organisms, Sandwich tern, Terns, Texas, Thalasseus maximus, Thalasseus sandvicensis, tissues, USA, USA,Texas,Galveston Bay, X 24166 Environmental impact