Texas Coastal Management Program Activity Assessment Routine Social and Economic Component: user's manual - draft


This draft user's manual provides guidelines for use of the social and economic component (SEC) of the Activity Assessment Routine. The SEC provides a mechanism for estimating the effects of development activities on social and economic systems of the Texas coast. Primary effort in the SEC has been directed toward developing a reliable, realistic and rational analytic framework. Throughout this document reference is made to the degree to which SEC is quantitative. In all cases possible, the system is being developed to yield realistic and useful quantitative estimates of impacts and assessments of the capability of local social and economic systems to absorb those impacts. Assumptions have been kept as straight-forward as possible to provide the greatest degree of reasonableness, and to facilitate modification of the SEC as it is being used. This version of the SEC user's manual in "manual"; many of the instructions and tables will be replaced by computer programs in subsequent versions.


190 pages


economic aspects, social aspects, Coastal Zone Management