Development of criteria for evaluating urban river settings for tourism - recreation use




Gunn, Clare A.

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Texas A&M University, Water Resources Institute


The criteria through which cities may evaluate their potential for developing downtown water resources as civic amenities for tourism and recreation is the subject of this study. It should be emphasized that this study is concerned primarily with a focal point along a city's waterfront in the downtown area. The purpose is to place emphasis upon that portion of water resource assets to determine its potential in that setting. At the outset, it was recognized that such a study would have to be very broad because the development of urban water resources for park/business use involves many intricate and complicated aspects of cities--physical, political, social and economic. Therefore, the study was directed toward the goal of providing cities with general guidelines that could help them both with facts and suggestions for accomplishment.


98 pgs.


coastal zone management, recreation, recreational waters, rivers, water resources, flooding, site locations, planning, development projects