Action guide: Erosion and sediment control for nonpoint sources: Best management practices for construction sites




Houston-Galveston Area Council, Community & Environmental Planning Department

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Houston-Galveston Area Council


This document can be used to assist local governments in their efforts to protect and maintain the waters of the region for beneficial uses by its people. It may also be used to meet the requirements of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Storm water Permit Program. This action guide: (1) contains basic information a local government will need to review construction project plans and determine what measures for sediment and erosion control might be appropriate; (2) suggests questions to ask in the review of construction projects; (3) identifies important factors to be considered in developing a local erosion control plan; (4) includes a list of U.S. Soil Conservation (SCS) Offices in the Gulf Coast Planning Region; (5) provides checklist for use in reviewing a construction plan and/or inspecting a construction site, and; (6) is accompanied by a list of suggested Best Management Practices for the control of sediment from erosion, including information on what situations to use them and where design information can be obtained.


39 pgs.


management, construction, nonpoint source pollution, erosion control, sediments, pollution prevention, best management practices, construction industry, environmental aspects, soil conservation