Galveston coastal management study: summary report.




Galveston Marine Affairs Council

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Galveston Marine Affairs Council


Under the interlocal contract with the Texas Coastal and Marine Council, the Galveston Marine Affairs Council engaged the services of the Moody College of Marine Sciences and Maritime Resources, Coastal Zone Laboratory, Texas A&M University; and the Texas Law Institute of Coastal and Marine Resources, University of Houston, College of Law, to assist this Council in the development of a study which has been titled the Galveston Coastal Management Study. This study attempts to properly determine and establish the implementation needs and requirements for appropriate land management. It was performed in two parts, 1) considered the total resources and factors related thereto of Galveston Island, and 2) considered federal and state coastal management plans and the proper role for local government in developing a local coastal management plan within the federal and state framework.


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coastal zone management, land use, resources