Oil spill planning and response atlas: Upper coast of Texas




Texas General Land Office

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Texas General Land Office; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


This atlas includes 63 maps of the upper coast of Texas (Texas-Louisiana border to the mouth of the Colorado River) which are used by the General Land Office for Oil Spill Prevention and Response. Information is provided on each of the projects whose data collection was used to generate these maps. The maps are arranged into three categories: Sabine Lake, Galveston Bay, and East Matagorda Bay. This atlas was created to aid spill responders with the most relevant data necessary in making planning and response judgments. Therefore, they are not maps suitable for navigational purposes, and they do not accurately delineate the boundaries between public and private lands. A data supplement accompanies this atlas and provides resource data and priority protection area data for each map.


Atlas 63 p., Data Supplement 175 p.


oil spills, pollution control, oil pollution, data reports, maps