Tortugas Pink Shrimp Forecast

Sheridan, Peter F.
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U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Marine Fisheries Service, Southeast Fisheries Science Center, Galveston Laboratory

The NMFS Southeast Fisheries Center's Galveston Laboratory has been forecasting pink shrimp landings off southwest Florida since 1987. Data used to prepare the Tortugas forecast are provided by the Everglades National Park's South Florida Research Center, The NMFS Southeast Fisheries Center's Economics and Statistics Office, the National Ocean Survey, and the National Weather Service. The types of data examined include: rainfall, surface waer inflow, and well water levels in Everglades National Park; pink shrimp catch and effort in statistical subareas 1-3; sea level at Key West; and Miami and Key West air temperatures and rainfall, all recorded since 1966. The relationships between pink shrimp landings for a given November-October period (defined as the fishing year) and biotic and environmental variables for the preceding June-November period are explored by multiple regression.

pgs. 134-136
yield predictions, shrimp fisheries, environmental factors, pink shrimp, Penaeus duorarum