Houston Opts for Water Plant Expansion

1986 Jun
Ahrens WH
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Rationale, layout and operation, construction and architectural treatment, water source and treatment, and environmental impact are discussed with reference to the expansion of the East Water Purification Plant in Harris County, Texas. This 100-million gal/day improvement, which involves a 60-inch diameter raw water line, a canal turnout and forebay, two 50-million gal/day treatment units, three 12.5-million gal prestressed concrete tanks, a sludge processing system, low lift transfer and distribution pump stations, and filter and chemical feed systems , will serve the city of Houston. Water sources are the San Jacinto River and the Trinity River. Wetlands and waters on the plant site will be left undeveloped, but an adjacent 110-acre site will be used for sludge disposal. When the project is completed, the initial increase in the city water supply will be 75%, with an ultimate 115% increase if expansion options are carried out. (Rochester-PTT)

Cities, Construction, Design, Houston, Raw water, San Jacinto River, SLUDGE DISPOSAL, SW 3060 Water treatment and distribution, SW 6010 Structures, Texas, TRINITY RIVER, TX, WATER, Water supply, Water treatment facilities, Wetlands