Global marine biological diversity: a strategy for building conservation into decision making




Norse, E.A.

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Island Press


CMC, the World Conservation Union, World Wildlife Fund, the World Bank, and the United Nations Environmenta Programme have assembled a companion document-Global Marine Biological Diversity: A Strategy for Building Conservation into Decision Making, which focuses on threats to life in the sea and ways to save, study, and use that life sustainably. The work of more than one-hundred authors-marine biologists, oceanographers, economists, government officials, environmentalists-Global Marine Biological Diversity presents the most up-to-date information and views on the challenge of conserving the living sea and how that challenge can be met. Among the topics considered are: what marine biological diversity is and why it is important; similarities and differences between marine and terrestrial conservation; threats to diversity; impediments to, and tools for, effective conservation; existing conservation organizations and programs. The Strategy is a first attempt to lay out basic principles of marine conservation for people whose decisions directly affect the health of the seas-those with the greatest interest in, and responsibility for, protecting our ocean resources.


383 p.


conservation, biological analysis, ecosystems, biological development, pollution, exploitation, species diversity, environmental factors