Total maximum daily load for dissolved nickel in the San Jacinto River tidal, Houston Ship Channel, and Buffalo Bayou in the San Jacinto River Basin: Segment 1001, segments 1005, 1006, 1007, segments 1013, 1014, 1016, 1017. Draft.




Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission

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Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission


A total maximum daily load (TMDL) is a modeling tool for implementing state water quality standards and is based on the relationship between pollution sources and in-stream water quality conditions. It establishes the allowable loadings for a water body by summing the load allocation (nonpoint sources) plus the waste load allocation (point source) plus a margin of safety. This TMDL was developed to define the allowable permitted limit of dissolved nickel for wastewater dischargers in the specified areas. Descriptions of physical boundaries for each area are included, as well as major contributing tributaries. Climatology and basic water flow dynamics are discussed from the perspective of impact on dispersion rates. Existing surface water quality standards and development of the TMDL are presented in detail.


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wastewater, nonpoint source pollution, hydrology, nickel, water quality control, point source pollution, pollution monitoring, water, pollution, water quality management, nickel