(2018) 14th Annual Student Research Symposium

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    What does Holocene organic matter deposition in a Bahamian Bluehole reveal about internal basin environmental change?
    (2017-05) Brunson, Julie; van Hengstum, Peter; Little, Shawna
    Blueholes and sinkholes are ubiquitous in the tropics, and their sediment preserve records of environmental change. There is a poor understanding of how environments in blueholes change during Holocene sea-level rise. Quantity and type of organic matter deposited are closely related to environmental conditions at time of deposition. Three main factors likely impacting organic matter accumulation: (1) primary productivity from the water, (2) hydrographic conditions in the bluehole which impact the rate of decomposition, and (3) Holocene sea-level. How does sedimentary organic matter document paleoenvironmental change in Freshwater River Bluehole through the Holocene?