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    • Offshore natural gas hydrate harvesting system 

      Owens, Andrew; Bradberry, Ross; Unger, Ben; Cummings, Chris (2012-06-01)
      The purpose of this project is to design a system that will allow for production of methane gas from a deep-sea Methane Hydrate Harvester. A satellite host system was chosen in a feasibility report, released in September ...
    • Pelton wheel turbine generator 

      Yonts, Chris; Ramsey, Drew; Monguia, Ashley; Johnstone, Justin (2012-06-01)
      The purpose of this project is to design and construct an efficient pelton wheel turbine generator. The idea of our project came from the topic of hydropower and the generation of renewable energy. This particular turbine ...
    • Polychaete feeding behavior and geographical distribution in the Gulf of Mexico 

      Carvalho, Russell; Schulze, Anja (2012-06-01)
      Polychaete annelids contribute greatly to macrofaunal species diversity in dynamic deep-sea ecosystems. The aim of our study was to assess the functional composition of deep-sea polychaete assemblages in the Gulf of Mexico. ...
    • Results of 2012 Student Research Symposium 

      --, -- (2012-06-11)
      List of winners in categories per the 2012 TAMUG Student Research Symposium
    • Texas A&M University at Galveston - NSF/REU Research Symposium 2011 

      Unknown author (Texas A&M University at Galveston, 2011-07-27)
      Time schedule for the research symposium, list of sponsors and presenters including abstracts of presentations.
    • Texas A&M University at Galveston; Eighth Annual Student Research Symposium 

      --, -- (Texas A&M University at Galveston, 2012-04)
      Program and abtracts of posters with full listing of student presenters and their faculty sponsors.
    • Thwarting successful piracy 

      Carchidi, Arielle (2012-06-11)
      In recent years, maritime piracy has received more attention from governments, the maritime industry, and the media. Increased incidents of violent attacks, particularly in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, create hazards ...
    • Wind turbine power augmentation unit 

      Walters, Kevin; Blakeway, Chris; Dearman, David; Navarro, Bobby; Stryker, Thomas (2012-06-01)
      Ships at sea rely on electrical power created onboard by generators. These generators are typically driven by either diesel or stream power. Should the generator system fail completely, the vessel needs the ability to ...