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dc.creatorDaniels, K
dc.descriptionp. 317-324.en
dc.description.abstractabstract The steps in a cluster analysis are outlined: character selection, estimation of similarity among objects to be clustered, and construction of clusters. The use of an agglomerative clustering procedure for habitat designation based on icthyofaunal data collected from the Trinity River Delta, Texas is discussed. Distance and correlation coefficients are used in the estimation of similarity between Trinity River Delta stations. Results of the cluster analysis on this data are represented in the form of dendrograms.en
dc.publisherLouisiana State Universityen
dc.titleHabitat designation based on cluster analysis of ichthyofauna.en
dc.typeBook chapteren
dc.seriesIn: Proceedings of the third coastal marsh and estuary management symposium. Environmental conditions in the Louisiana coastal zone
dc.notesnotes Presented at: 3. Coastal Marsh and Estuary Management Symposium, Baton Rouge, LA (USA)Proc. Coast. Marsh Estuary Manage. SympEnglishEnglishBook MonographBrackishNO8001799
dc.acquisition-srcDownloaded from-Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts

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