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    • Metals in estuarine species of a minimally impacted Bay in Texas 

      Sager DR; Pitts DE; Carrier R; Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry PU (, 1993 199)
      Christmas Bay, of the Galveston Bay system, has no point source discharges and minimal non-point contaminant sources. Due to its excellent water quality and habitats, this site was used to obtain baseline or control data ...
    • Trace metal chemistry of Galveston Bay: Water, sediments and biota 

      Morse JW; Presley BJ; Taylor RJ; Benoit G; Santschi P (, 1993)
      Galveston Bay is the second largest estuary in Texas. It receives major urban runoff from the Houston area, its major river drains the Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex, and the area surrounding the Bay is intensely industrialized, ...