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    • Organic Fluvial Sediment - Palynomorphs and Palynodebris in the Lower Trinity River, Texas 

      Traverse A (, 1992)
      In 1961-1962, the author studied the lower Trinity River, Texas, for palynomorph content, as a model of how pollen, spores, and palynodebris reach depositional areas for incorporation in sedimentary rocks. The river was ...
    • Three-dimensional woven geotextiles for containment dike construction 

      Austin DN; Theisen MS (, 1996 Jun)
      Every year, approximately 300 million m(3) (400 million yd(3)) of sediment is dredged from the United States' waterways (Fairweather, 1995). Although the primary purpose is to increase navigational capacities of channels, ...
    • Trinity River Basin, Texas 

      Ulery RL; VanMetre PC; Crossfield AS (, 1993 Jul)
      In 1991 the Trinity River Basin National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) was among the first 20 study units to begin investigations under full-scale program implementation. The study-unit investigations will include ...