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    • Benthic exchange of nutrients in Galveston Bay, Texas 

      Warnken KW; Gill GA; Santschi PH; Griffin LL (, 2000 Oct)
      Nutrient regeneration rates were determined at three sites increasing in distance from the Trinity River, the main freshwater input source, to Galveston Bay, Texas, from 1994 through 1996. Diffusive fluxes generally agreed ...
    • Organic complexation of copper in surface waters of Galveston Bay 

      Tang DG; Warnken KW; Santschi PH (, 2001 Mar)
      The importance of colloidal ligands in the organic complexation of Cu was elucidated in the estuarine waters of Galveston Bay by use of a number of instrumental techniques. Ultrafiltration was conducted to isolate the ...
    • Trace metal composition of colloidal organic material in marine environments 

      Guo LD; Santschi PH; Warnken KW (, 2000 Jun)
      Marine colloidal material (1 kDa-0.2 mu m) was isolated by cross-flow ultrafiltration followed by diafiltration and freeze-drying from surface waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Middle Atlantic Eight (MAB), as well as ...