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    • Laboratory evaluation of red-tide control agents 

      Marvin KT; Proctor R Jr (, 1967)
      Red-tide toxicants were evaluated based on the following requirements: 100% lethality to Gymnodinium breve within 24 hours at concentrations of 0.01 p.p.m. or less and a selectivity threshold concentration at 0.1 p.p.m. ...
    • Overview of the 2006 Red Tide 

      Byrd, M (Galveston Bay Estaury Program, Jan. 24, 2)
      Karenia brevis, or red tide, was confirmed as the cause of a fish kill at Port Aransas in late September 2006. Texas Parks and Wildlife partnered with a number of agencies and entities to get a comprehensive look at the ...
    • Quantification of the relative abundance of the toxic dinoflagellate, Karenia brevis (Dinophyta), using unique photopigments 

      Ornolfsdottir EB; Pinckney JL; Tester PA (, 2003 Apr)
      Diagnostic photopigment analysis is a useful tool for determining the presence and relative abundance of algal groups in natural phytoplankton assemblages. This approach is especially useful when a genus has a unique ...