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    • Design of Hurricane Flood Protection Works 

      U. S. Army Corps of Engineers (U.S. Army Engineer District, Corps of Engineers, 1980)
      One of the recurring natural phenomena that causes enormous damages in the destruction of property and loss of lives on the upper Texas Gulf coast is the tropical hurricane.... In 1955, the Congress of the United States ...
    • Flood Plain - Handle with Care! 

      U. S. Army Corps of Engineers (Department of the Army, Corps of Engineers, Civil Works Directorate, 1974)
      Almost everyone knows that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers builds damns, dikes and levees. The Corps is famous - or, in the opinion of some of its critics, infamous - for its public works projects designed to control ...
    • Guidelines for Reducing Flood Damages 

      U. S. Army Corps of Engineers (, 1974)
      No abstract available.