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    • Winter-time distribution and abundance of copepod nauplii in the northern gulf of Mexico. 

      Dagg, M.J.; Ortner, P.B.; Al-Yamani, F.Y. (, 1988)
      No abstract available
    • The wolves of North America. 2 parts. 

      Young, S.P.; Goldman, E.A. (American Wildlife Institute., 1944)
      Part 1 is a taxonomic listing of the subspecies of Canis lupus which includes location of type specimens and descriptions. Part 2 presents the history of control, management and status of the gray wolf.
    • Work plan for a study of the feasibility of an offshore terminal in the Texas Gulf Coast Region. 

      Bragg, D.M. (Texas A&M University, Texas Engineering Experiment Station, Industrial Economics Research Division., 1974)
      The need for an offshore facility, engineering studies on the proposal, socioeconomic studies, site location studies, legal question, conclusion, and recommendations for an offshore terminal in the Texas Gulf Coast Region.
    • Work plan for a study of the feasibility of an offshore terminal in the Texas Gulf Coast region. 

      Bragg, D.M. (Texas A&M University, Sea Grant Program., 1971)
      No abstract available
    • Work plan for the development of a comprehensive water quality management program for Galveston Bay and its tributaries. Volume 1: Report. Volume 2: Appendices. 

      Wells, Dan M., Ernest T. Smerdon, and Earnest F. Gloyna (Texas A&M University, Water Resources Institute; The University of Texas, Center for Water Resources; and Texas Technological College, Water Resources Center, 1966)
      The work plan is a series of committee reports aimed at the development of a comprehensive water quality management program for the Galveston Bay area. Committee reports are presented on: water quality and pollution control, ...
    • Work plan: Southeast Texas Resource Conservation and Development Project. 

      U.S. Department of Agriculture. (U.S. Department of Agriculture., 1967)
      The counties involved in the study include San Jacinto, Polk, Tyler, Jasper, Newton, Orange, Jefferson, Mardin, Liberty, Chambers and part of Galveston. This study discusses the problems and opportunities in forest lands, ...
    • Work Statement: Environmental Impact Report Near Freeport, Texas for Seadock 

      Texas A&M University Environmental Engineering Division (Texas A&M University Environmental Engineering Division, 1973)
      As a consequence of the discussions which have been held during the past several weeks, there is some uncertainty regarding the actual scope and specific work assignments of the project. Because of these changes, some ...
    • Worked to death 

      Harrigan S (Emmis Communications Corporation, 1988 Oct)
      A report on the polluting of Galveston Bay, ringed by refineries, industry and wastewater treatment plants. The effect pollution is having on marine life, shoreline and those who depend on the bay for their income
    • Workers contain spilled oil. 

      Comstock, A. (, 1991)
      No abstract available
    • Working on the Bay 

      Ellis, Carolyn (Institute for Southern Studies, 1982)
      This article discusses the various jobs produced by Chesapeake Bay's marine resources. The article has several vignettes from the author's experiences with the harvesters of the Bay.
    • Working Papers II - DRAFT 

      Texas Coastal Management Program (Texas Coastal Management Program, 1976-03)
      In its final pre-hearing form (to be printed in June), this report will be accompanied by five map plates. One map will depict the "natural areas of coastal waters," one will show the federally controlled lands and areas ...
    • Workshop on definition of shrimp recruitment overfishing. 

      Klima, E.F.; Nance, J.M.; Martinez, E.X.; Leary, T. (U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service, 1990)
      The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council requested that the Southeast Fisheries Center (SEFC) convene a small group of shrimp specialists to undertake two tasks. These tasks were 1) to draft scientific definitions ...
    • Workshop on the Physical Oceanography Slope and Rise of the Gulf of Mexico 

      McKay, Melanie, Judity Nides, Larry Atkinson, Alexis Lugo-Fernandez and Debra Vigil (U.S. Department of the Interior, Minerals Management Service, Gulf of Mexico OCS Region, 2001)
      The publication is a collection of papers and presentations of the Workshop on the Physical Oceanography Slope and Rise in the Gulf of Mexico during September 2000. ....The purpose of this workshop is to assess the state ...
    • World Atlas of Seagrasses 

      Green, Edmund P. and Frederick T. Short (, 2003)
      No abstract available
    • Year book on Texas conservation of wild life, 1929-30. 

      Texas Game, Fish and Oyster Commission (Texas Game, Fish and Oyster Commission, 1930)
      No abstract available
    • Year of the Ocean Discussion Papers 

      United States Environmental Protection Agency (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 1998-03)
      The United Nations has declared 1998 as the International Year of the Ocean. This declaration presents an opportunity to raise public awareness about the value of the ocean to all Americans, to celebrate our considerable ...
    • Year of the Woman 

      Jensen, Ric (, 1992)
      No abstract available
    • The young scientist's introduction to wetlands. 

      U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1993)
      This educational publication is was written to answer questions and inform younger individuals about the importance of wetlands. After explaining the role of Government in the Clean Water Act, the book covers various areas ...
    • Your Guide for Coastal Bend Living 

      Franklin, Jane R. (C-J Talents, 1977)
      Information for living in the Coastal Bend of Texas.