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    • Abundance and vertical flux of Pseudo-nitzschia in the northern Gulf of Mexico 

      Dortch Q; Robichaux R; Pool S; Milsted D; Mire G; Rabalais NN; Soniat TM; Fryxell GA; Turner RE; Parsons ML (, 1997 Jan)
      Many species of the ubiquitous pennate diatom genus Pseudo-nitzschia have recently been discovered to produce domoic acid, a potent neurotoxin which causes Amnesic Shellfish Poisoning (ASP). Pseudo-nitzschia spp. were ...
    • Settlement of blue crab megalopae along the Gulf Coast 

      Rabalais NN (, 1995 199)
      The Gulf of Mexico effort in the cooperative, inter-regional blue crab settlement program began in 1990 and continues to present with as many as four sites, each with at least two years of data. Sites are Galveston Bay TX, ...
    • Settlement of Callinectes sapidus megalopae on artificial collectors in four Gulf of Mexico estuaries 

      Rabalais NN; Burditt FR; Coen LD; Cole BE; Eleuterius C; Heck KL; McTigue TA; Morgan SG; Perry HM; Truesdale FM; ZimmerFaust RK; Zimmerman RJ (, 1995 Nov)
      Standardized artificial collectors were used to document trends in settlement of blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) megalopae in four Gulf of Mexico estuaries. Blue crab megalopal settlement was generally episodic within an ...