Documentation for the CETACEA database of marine mammal literature references




Watkins, William A., Mary Ann Daher, and Nancy J. Haley

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Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


This documentation for the CETACEA database of marine mammal literature references updates the original work by Watkins, Bird, Moore, and Tyack 1988 (Reference Database Marine Mammal Literature, Technical Report WHOI-88-2).The CETACEA database is a comprehensive index of literature references used to file, store, search, retreive, and format the data on marine animals. Organization of the references is complementary to features developed by William E. Schevill for his library of older cetacean literature, having direct association of species with over 300 indexed subjects, and with observation dates, locations, etc. This documentation describes the operation of the database (3600 records), including indexing, sorting, and retrieval information developed through continued use of these systems. SPECIES and SUBJECT HEADING lists with their codes have been updated. Other databases have also developed around these indexing and sorting strategies to complement the CETACEA database, including databases of animal sounds for both the recording data and the acoustic spectral information stored in libraries of digital sound cuts. This document describes the equipment requirements, how to use and search the database, the organization of the database, the structure of the data, the fields, the document types, the language codes, the geographic area maps and codes, and the organization of the species list.


111 pgs.


marine mammals, databases, bibliography