Galveston Bay Project Data Management System Preliminary User's Manual



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An important facet of the Galveston Bay Project has been the development of a Data Management System (DMS) which serves as the data storage and distribution mechanism for the many GBP participants. The purpose of this document is to acquaint the potential user of the DMS with the present capabilities of the system in sufficient detail that he might formulate his own particular retrieval requests. This description of system capabilities is necessarily preliminary in that work on the DMS is still in process. However, future changes in the system will primarily be in the form of additions to the capabilities, expansion of the data base, or improvements to the control system which won't directly affect the user. As these additions and refinements are made, this manual will be updated accordingly. By using this manual, the potential DMS user should be able to formulate his retrieval request and prepare the necessary coded requst. Because the system is continually being updated and revised, TRACOR personnel will add the necessary control cards to the request and will actually process the request on the computer. In addition, the user should feel free to contact TRACOR if there are questions concerning the formulation of his request.


20 pages


data management system, water quality, mathematical models