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For the EPA, taking on the role of community helper and partner has been a challenge. As with any change of this magnitude, there has been a lot of trial and error, and important lessons have been learned by us, and our many partners, that are worth sharing. Oftentimes, these lessons have been shared informally through networking at conferences, by phone, or over the internet. This series of Watershed Lessons Learned is an attempt to identify the top lessons and present them in one place. We believe this document meets two real needs. First, it will help readers learn what works and what does not based on past experience. Second, it will assist people in reaching important resources and contacts that exist across the nation that can help them. In terms of using this piece, eash lesson is stand-alone and contains a short description of the lesson, a few examples to illustrate it (with a contact where more information can be obtained) and a list of key contacts and resources associated with the lesson. In addition, we have included in the appendix indices to help guide you - the reader - through the information. This includes answers to commonly asked questions - the ones that we heard over and over again as we developed this piece. In addition, this document is up on our fully searchable website at if you prefer to see and explore information that way.


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