Recent Environmental Developments in Maritime and Offshore Activities



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University of Houston Law School


On November 11, 1971, the Texas Law Institute on Coastal and Marine Resources held a conference on Recent Environmental Developments in Maritime and Offshore Activities at the Bates College of Law, University of Houston. The conference was partially funded by the National Science Foundation and the Sea Grant Program. The Texas Law Institute was formed through the cooperation of the Office of the Governor of Texas and the University of Houston pursuant to the recommendation of the Conference on the Legal-Administrative Needs of Texas Marine Resources in May 1970. The function of the Institute is to conduct research into the needs of the Texas marine resources and disseminate the information obtained from such activity. This is accomplished through cooperation and participation of public officials, the bar, and industry. During an age of advancing technology, there has been an awakening of interest in preserving and protecting of natural environment. Concern over environmental controls is being voiced by both the high public officia and the private citizen. One of the greatest areas of discussion is the preservation of quality and usefulness in our marine and coastal resources. Industry will play an important role in this endeavor. Therefore, discussion in the seminar centered around the application of present water quality control legislation and indemnification for liability under current standards.


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maritime commerce -- Texas, marine resources -- Texas, environmental law, environmental policy