Trinity - San Jacinto estuary: an analysis of bay segment boundaries, physical characteristics, and nutrient processes




Texas Department of Water Resources, Engineering and Environmental Systems Section of the Planning and Development Division

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Texas Department of Water Resources


Due to the short time frame of the supplemental grant funds, only three tasks were selected. Later these can be expanded upon throughout the continuing planning process. The three selected tasks are the subject of this report on the Trinity-San Jacinto estuary: (1) Analysis of the appropriateness of existing bay segment boundaries; (2) Analysis of the physical characteristics of the selected estuarine systems including mixing, transport, current patterns, and salinity patterns; and (3) Definition of nutrient processes in Texas estuarine systems, especially the effects of inflows on nutrient cycling and contributions from deltaic marsh areas. The above tasks are basic to any consideration of the adequacy of water quality standards for Texas estuarine systems.


77 pages


estuaries, models, modeling, water quality, tides, water circulation, simulation, salinity, physical oceanography, transport, salinity gradients, nutrient cycles, deltaic features